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Expo new mission: promote cooperation capacity
Release time:2015-9-8 14:43:59Author:Reading times:┤╬

The upcoming 12th EASTPO will "eight" for the first time, involving the production capacity of accounted for three: held for the first time the international production cooperation forum, held for the first time in international economy and international production cooperation and development, held for the first time the international production and equipment manufacturing projects matchmaking. It can be said that the promotion of international cooperation between ASEAN and China capacity, has become a new mission of the expo.

China and ASEAN to carry out international cooperation in capacity, can be described as mutual advantage, mutual demand, in line with the common interests of both sides, promising.

On the one hand, China has become the major industry of the world, in the global industrial chain in the end, many iron and steel, building materials, machinery manufacturing, railway, aviation and aerospace, automotive, chemical, textile, electric power and other industrial manufacturing and enjoys a high reputation in the international, engineering machinery, automobile and other fields in overseas investment has also made positive progress. 2014, China's equipment manufacturing industry exports reached 2 trillion and 100 billion yuan, accounting for 17% of the export income. And most of the ASEAN countries just beginning industrialization, on infrastructure construction and promote the industrialization of the demand, China a lot of equipment and production quality and cheap, is a collection of high-end technology and labor cost advantage, price high, in line with the needs of ASEAN countries and the ability to undertake.

On the other hand, China and ASEAN countries belong to developing countries, industrial systems and manufacturing capabilities have a larger growth space and enhance the potential of. Through capacity cooperation, China and ASEAN can further improve the domestic production capacity, to achieve complementary industrial system, to promote bilateral employment and economic growth.

China and ASEAN countries to carry out international cooperation in capacity, not only to the formation of a new trade growth points, the optimization and upgrading of domestic industries, but also to promote China's major equipment and productivity advantages of "going out", to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. ASEAN is concerned, it is an important opportunity to expand investment and economic and trade cooperation in the region, to meet the needs of the development of the construction of infrastructure and promote industrialization in developing countries of asean.

In order to promote international cooperation and production equipment manufacturing, China government has made important deployment this year, this cooperation has become the "new areas and new direction of The Belt and Road" under the background, the important content of economy between China and foreign cooperation, realize common prosperity.

Riding on the wind, and the 12th EASTPO will 2015 China - ASEAN International production cooperation in a series of activities will be held, Haoxiliantai: Forum went straight to the theme of 21st century maritime silk Lu and the promotion of the international production and equipment manufacturing cooperation "; focus on the exhibition exhibited electrical equipment, engineering machinery, transport vehicles, building materials, electronic communications equipment such as; matchmaking fair invited related fields of enterprise participation, was the dominant production cooperation matchmaking...

This a series of activities, will boost EASTPO will upgrade and service functions of the perfect, make it become an important platform for production cooperation for the development of China and ASEAN countries, and Hester countries along the. (down to Second Edition)

(on the first edition), in fact, China and ASEAN International capacity cooperation has a solid foundation. In recent years, some food manufacturing enterprises in ASEAN countries have entered China, some of China's building materials and infrastructure construction units have also entered the asean. Last year of the 11th EASTPO will host the roundtable investment cooperation, the ASEAN Industrial Park investment conference theme is set to "promote cross-border cooperation and pushing bilateral in more areas of investment cooperation, production cooperation set the tone.

The construction of China ASEAN interconnection continues to advance, will be more closely the capacity of cooperation between the two sides, China advanced machinery, equipment manufacturing, materials, water conservancy and electric power industry, will be landing in ASEAN, promote equipment manufacturing and technology upgrading of ASEAN countries.

It is reported that this East would have been invited to China railway company, Chinese LORIC high iron related enterprises. The cooperation between China and ASEAN in building a high-speed rail project will be worth looking forward to. In addition, EASTPO this year will be the traditional activities, such as the China - ASEAN Industrial Park Investment Conference, infrastructure Cooperation Forum, power cooperation and development forum, will also international production cooperation as the key content, in order to form demonstration projects in key industries, promote China with Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and other key duixiangguo completed the first docking.

International capacity cooperation held a series of activities, is the innovation Expo Service "The Belt and Road construction. With the release of relevant policies, related mechanism is established, and a series of activities organized, EASTPO will will be built into a production cooperation for the development of China and ASEAN countries, hastens along the country policy interpretation platform, industry docking platform and information services platform.